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If you’d like to earn money through POKOSHARE pay Program, make sure you share your work or story on social media in order to attract a large number of readers and also it is important you filling the space made for applying for paid publisher and leave us with informatoins on how to pay you. (we know that, not all qualified contributors/publishers wants to be paid) So its okay if you want to write for fun not minding if you recive anything in return.

NOTE: pokoshare team are still working on our micro payment APP
so for the time being we are paying only the publisher that have or manage big socail media account/page or facebook group (facebook/twitter) pokoshare regular users/contributors will be notified
when the system is ready to accommodate all content creators for payment once they reach payment trace hold, this will be made public in due time. currently The only contributors reciving direct deposit are those that own a large social media page or admin to a large facebook group or page (MINI 50,000 members). please if you feel you fall into this set of people you can apply (link) or contact us through email.


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