An Instagram user @unselfishceo1 has taken to social media to reveal how a man intentionally bashed his car in Lagos.

According to him, this incident took place on Monday, December 31, 2018, around Idimu.

He explained that while approaching Idimu, a man driving a Benz hit his car from behind and when he got out of his Camry to confront the man on why he hit his car, he was told it was an intentional act because the man earlier overtook his car.

That was not all, he added that that was the second time a Benz would intimidate him in Lagos but instead of him to steal female underwear for rituals, he would rather work hard to earn clean money.

To prove how angry he was when his car was bashed, the Camry driver blamed famous Nigerian singers Olamide and Lil Kesh for releasing a song that encourages the activities of yahoo guys and ritual killings.

He said he will not curse those involved in ritual killings but they will not last in their dealings.

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